About Senator Bivins

Tim Bivins has served in the Illinois State Senate since March 2008.

Senator Bivins’ priorities reflect those held by northwestern Illinois citizens. He supports family values. Having served more than 32 years in law enforcement, he is committed to keeping our communities and neighborhoods safe. To get our state budget back on track, he advocates a return to fiscal discipline and spending restraint, rather than more borrowing or saddling future generations with huge debt. He supports tax cuts to stimulate the economy and keep businesses growing. He is a strong supporter of Constitutionally-protected gun rights.

A number of bills sponsored by Senator Bivins – covering ethics, local schools, law enforcement, protecting consumers from identity theft, and safe disposal of household hazardous wastes – have been passed by lawmakers. The 45th District Senator also finished all of his fiscal years with money to spare in his legislative account – which he returned to the state’s coffers.

In 2013, Senator Bivins was named Whip on the Senate Republican leadership team. The role of Whip is to ensure discipline, order and attendance in Caucus meetings. He also served as Assistant Senate Republican Leader in 2014.

The 45th District Senator serves as Republican Spokesperson for the Criminal Law Committee. He is also a member of the Human Services, Insurance, Government Reform, Local Government, and Veterans Affairs committees.

He serves on the Joint Committee on Government Reform, which is working to restore integrity to state government.

He is a member of the board for the Legislative Information System, the legislative support service agency responsible for providing the computer services and technical guidance required by the General Assembly and its committees, commissions and agencies.

Tim served 20 years as Lee County Sheriff – the longest-serving sheriff in the county’s history. He served on security details for President Ronald Reagan, Vice President George H. Bush, Vice President Dan Quayle, House Speaker J. Dennis Hastert, Governor Jim Edgar, Governor Jim Thompson, Governor George Ryan, and United States Senator Peter Fitzgerald. During his tenure as Sheriff, Tim served as President of the Illinois Sheriffs’ Association. Speaker Hastert named him to the Department of Justice Medal of Valor Review Board, an advisory group to President George Bush. Tim also served on the Illinois Juvenile Justice Commission, having been appointed by then-Governor Jim Edgar.

Tim and his wife, Terri, live in Dixon and have a daughter and a son. Their daughter, Lindsey, is a second-grade teacher who lives in Macon, Georgia, with her husband, Billy, and their two sons and daughter. Their son, Ryan, is a city police officer who lives in Dixon with his wife, Jordan, and their two sons and two daughters.

Tim is an avid volleyball player and a former coach at the high school level for 12 years.