Senator Tim Bivins has invited Governor Rod Blagojevich to Lowden State Park in Oregon to sign Senate Bill 1103.

The bill, passed by the General Assembly in September, restores funding to all state parks and historic sites that are slated for closure November 30.

“We are all fighting to keep these parks open, and if the Governor is looking for a place to sign the bill, I have the perfect spot in mind,” Senator Bivins said. “Where would be a better location for the Governor to sign SB 1103 than in front of the picturesque Blackhawk statue at Lowden State Park?”

The 45th District Senator will attend the “Pack Our Parks” rally at Lowden at 10:00 a.m., November 1. The event has been organized by local citizens who refuse to see their parks close.

After the Blagojevich’s Administration announced the closure of the parks, Senator Bivins held meetings throughout the district to discuss the Administration’s decision with local residents and led a petition drive against the closings. Blagojevich’s office was invited to all the meetings, but did not attend any of them.

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