One day after Senator Tim Bivins expressed “cautious optimism” and local citizens began to breathe a little more easily about the news that funding was being restored for Castle Rock State Park and Lowden State Park in Oregon, Governor Rod Blagojevich dashed all their hopes.

Despite the fact that lawmakers approved legislation in September with funding specifically earmarked to keep the parks open, and even though the Governor signed that legislation November 20, the announcement came late November 21 that Governor Blagojevich would close seven of the 11 parks on November 30.

“We are right back to where we started, even after all our efforts, and it just makes no sense. After all the community meetings, all the petitions, all the school children who drew pictures, all the calls, all the e-mails and all the letters, Governor Blagojevich still ignores the will of the people and withholds funding for seven state parks and 13 historic sites, most of which he has never even visited,” Senator Bivins said. “Happy holidays from the Governor.”

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