Senator Tim Bivins says he has found a source of funding for a special election to fill Barack Obama’s empty Senate seat – more than $25 million earmarked for Governor Rod Blagojevich’s discretionary use in the Fiscal Year 2009 budget.

The 45th District Senator says he will be introducing legislation that will redirect the $25.4 million from five lump sum appropriations into a fund to pay the costs of a special election for the United States Senate seat.

“State and federal officials continue to discuss ways to select the next United States Senator, now that the Governor has been arrested for allegedly trying to sell the seat to the highest bidder. The fastest way to resolve the issue is for the Governor to resign, allowing the Lieutenant Governor to serve in his stead and thus make the appointment,” Senator Bivins said. “However, polls are showing that 75 percent of the citizens want a special election. They want the ability to choose their next Senator. And who can blame them?”

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