A budget plan proposed March 18 by Governor Pat Quinn includes some much-needed reforms supported by Senate Republicans, but also continues a number of failed programs and policies that contributed to the current economic mess facing Illinois, according to Senator Tim Bivins.

Governor Quinn outlined his $53 billion budget proposal for Fiscal Year 2010 to a joint session of the General Assembly on March 18. Fiscal Year 2010 runs from July 1, 2009, through June 30, 2010.

Senator Bivins credits Governor Quinn for his ideas to address the state’s $11.5 billion deficit – proposed pension reforms, agency consolidation, more sunshine in government, a Taxpayers’ Action Board, and a back-to-school holiday from the state sales tax – an idea Senator Bivins proposed last year and this year.

However, the Governor’s Fiscal Year 2010 financial blueprint relies on a 50 percent increase in the personal income tax; an increase in the corporate income tax; a raid on the retirement funds of teachers, prison guards and other state employees; an increase in the state tax on cigarettes; higher fees for license plates and driver’s licenses; and more raids on the Road Fund.

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