Seeking to restore fiscal discipline to state government, Senate Republican lawmakers have unveiled a report detailing more than $21 billion in potential cost-savings during the next five years, according to Senator Tim Bivins.

At a State Capitol press conference April 1, State Senators Dave Syverson of Rockford, Matt Murphy of Palatine and other Republican lawmakers who have served on the Senate Committee on Deficit Reduction highlighted proposals to cut waste and overspending in the state budget that could yield $3.4 billion in the first year alone.

“Even as he is calling for billions in new taxes, Governor Pat Quinn is proposing more than $600 million in spending increases. Again, I say that we do not have a revenue problem here in Illinois as much as we have a spending problem,” Senator Bivins said. “During the past six years, state revenues have increased by $7 billion and the state has spent it all, and more! And that $7 billion is taxpayers’ money.”

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