Senate and House lawmakers spent most of the week in their respective chambers, debating and approving more than 200 bills, which will now be sent to the Governor for consideration. Senate legislators also spent time in committee, including the Senate Gaming Committee, which advanced legislation to expand gaming in Illinois.

Senator Tim Bivins said that Senate Bill 744 would authorize a 4,000-position Chicago casino. The license would cost $225 million, and the state could see returns of $50 million to $100 million a year from that casino, depending on the amount of revenue it generates. Seventy percent of the revenues will be directed to the Gaming Endowment Fund, for roads, bridges transit, schools, parks and cultural facilities. The remaining 30 percent will be directed to the City of Chicago for any purpose.

The proposed gaming measure would also allow for an additional three riverboat licenses – one in Park City and one in Rockford. The third riverboat license location is undetermined, and the bill specifies that for another $5 million the gaming facility could be land-based.

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