A $29.9 billion capital construction program to fix schools, roads and municipal infrastructure improvements that have languished for more than a decade –  and provide tens of thousands of construction jobs in the process – will include more than $70.4 million for projects in the 45th District, according to Senator Tim Bivins.

The Illinois Senate voted May 20 to pass three bills that would set into motion the massive public works program.

“We all agree that road and bridge projects, new school buildings, water and sewer system improvements are important. This program will address long-neglected capital needs in a fair and equitable manner – and provide thousands of jobs in the process,” Senator Bivins said. “However, I do not support the funding sources for this program. We can’t ask taxpayers to pay for a capital program when we face so many obstacles in putting together an operating budget. A much more reasonable approach would be to sell bonds for a smaller, but more predictable capital program.”

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