Senator Tim Bivins says one day before the General Assembly is scheduled to adjourn, Democrat legislative leaders forced through a 67 percent income tax increase – the largest income tax increase in Illinois history.

House Bill 174 was passed May 30 by a vote of 31-27-1, with no Republican support.

“Like everybody in this room, I received a lot of e-mails asking that I support an income tax increase,” Senator Bivins said during debate in the Senate May 30. “Weighing that in my mind and trying to keep an open mind, I think of what a 67 percent tax increase would mean to the folks back home. And one lady came to my mind. It’s a lady who is a waitress back home. She works three jobs. She has a debilitating disease. She takes no government help whatsoever. To her, this would be devastating. And so, for her and thousands like her, I encourage a ‘no’ vote.”

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