Senator Tim Bivins says less than an hour before the General Assembly was scheduled to adjourn May 31, Senate Democrat leaders offered members a “lights-on” budget that will fund about half of the spending levels proposed by Governor Pat Quinn.

“Since day one, Democrat leaders have been so narrowly focused on their Plan A of passing an income tax increase that they did not have a Plan B, which brings us to this point – a budget that is designed to keep the lights on,” Senator Bivins said.

“It is unfortunate that Republicans were not allowed a seat at the table and asked for our input. Many people seem to forget that in just seven years, the state budget was increased by more than $6 billion,” he added. “These are programs that were created or expanded by a discredited and impeached Governor and they should be eliminated or rolled back to previous levels. The Democrat leaders’ ‘tax-and-spend’ policies of the last seven years got us into this mess, and it is time for a new approach.” 

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