As the end of the current fiscal year rapidly approaches, Governor Pat Quinn is calling lawmakers back to Springfield on June 23, although there has not been substantial progress on resolving the state budget, according to  Senator Tim Bivins.

The 45th District Senator did applaud Governor Quinn for making the “call” for a special session broad enough to encompass critical structural and ethical reforms needed to move Illinois forward.

Because a special session can only address the issues laid out in the Governor’s proclamation calling the Legislature into session,  Senator Bivins explained that it was important that the proclamation be broad enough to include key reforms needed to address the underlying causes of the gridlock that has become routine in Illinois over the last six years.

However, while the Governor’s action was an encouraging sign, Democrat legislative leaders have yet to agree to effective ethics reform measures, ending the partisan gerrymandering of the state and making needed spending cuts and structural reforms.

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