State government is without a budget for the new fiscal year, which started July 1.

Senator Tim Bivins says lawmakers and the Governor were in Springfield June 30, hoping to come to a budget agreement. No progress was made, so the Governor vetoed a portion of the budget that funds human service programs, leaving thousands of providers and recipients in limbo.

Despite being mostly cut out of the budget process this spring, Republicans again offered an alternative budget plan on June 30 that would temporarily finance the state at the Fiscal Year 2008 level. The Republican proposal would have prevented the deep cuts to human services that many of Illinois’ most vulnerable citizens rely on, and forestall the thousands of lay-offs that many say will result due to Governor Quinn’s veto action.

Senate Republicans have argued that rolling state spending back to a previous fiscal year is more equitable than the budget passed by Democrats at the end of May. That budget targeted human service programs by cutting spending by 50 percent in those areas, while increasing spending in other areas.

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