Lawmakers and Illinois residents want more details on Governor Pat Quinn’s plan for the early release of approximately 1,000 prison inmates as a way to free up state revenues and reduce overcrowding in state correctional facilities, according to Senator Tim Bivins.

Also this week, the third hearing of the Senate Redistricting Committee centered on proposals to reform Illinois’ broken system of drawing legislative districts.

Senator Bivins said the September 18 announcement about Governor Quinn’s planned early release of roughly 1,000 Illinois inmates sparked concern across the state. Department of Corrections (DOC) Director Michael Randle, however, stressed that the inmates who are released will be “low-level, non-violent, short-term” offenders.

DOC has said there will be no early release of sex offenders, inmates who committed crimes against other people, anyone with a current order of protection against them or former parole violators. The early-release inmates are to come from minimum-security prisons—no early releases will be made from medium-security or maximum-security facilities.

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