Lawmakers acted on a number of issues during the final week of the Fall Veto Session, but Senator Tim Bivins said the most anticipated bill to be considered during the Veto Session – campaign finance reform – ultimately fell short of its goals.

Republican legislators joined editorial boards across the state in criticizing Senate Bill 1466, which they say doesn’t go far enough. The legislation would impose Illinois’ first-ever contribution limits on individuals, businesses and special-interest groups, but donations by political leaders and political leadership committees would only be limited during primary elections—allowing for unlimited spending during the general election.

Senate Republicans were disappointed with the measure, noting that Illinois has failed to capitalize on a unique opportunity to pass meaningful campaign finance reform. Senator Bivins expressed support for the contribution limits in the bill, as well as more stringent transparency and disclosure measures, but said that without capping contributions limits for legislative leaders during the general election, the measure will have limited impact.

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