An investigation by a Chicago newspaper revealed that many persons hired from a Blagojevich-era “clout list” remain on the state payroll, despite Governor Pat Quinn’s pledges to “fumigate state government,” according to Senator Tim Bivins.

The hiring investigation by the Chicago Sun-Times revealed that at least 70 persons identified in subpoenas related to federal investigations into hiring practices under Blagojevich remain in state jobs under Quinn – including many who were hired when state agencies circumvented military veterans hiring preferences.

Senator Bivins said Quinn’s refusal to address the Blagojevich appointees is seen as part of a larger problem. Many Senators have been frustrated because Quinn has left in place programs and policies enacted by Blagojevich, who was impeached and removed from office in January. Even programs that led directly to Blagojevich’s impeachment have been untouched by the Governor.
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