The General Assembly returned to Springfield during the week to continue its Spring legislative session and acted on several bills, including a contentious vote on the need for redistricting reform, according to Senator Tim Bivins.

The Senate voted along party lines to advance the Senate Joint Resolution Constitutional Amendment (SJRCA) 121 to change the way legislative districts are drawn in the state. The measure was opposed by Senate Republicans who said that the redistricting amendment does nothing to end the practice of legislators drawing their own districts and further entrenches the power of incumbents. 

SJRCA 121 would continue to allow legislators to draw their own map. If a redistricting plan fails to be approved by the Legislature and is signed into law by the Governor, then legislators have another opportunity to draw their own districts with the House and Senate each getting the opportunity to draw its own map. If lawmakers still could not agree on how to gerrymander the state, a “Special Master” would be appointed to draw the map. If the Special Master’s map is rejected by a court, legislators would then have yet another opportunity to draw their own districts. " />

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