With little more than two weeks before the scheduled May 7 adjournment deadline, legislators were busy working on bills in committee, though the Governor’s Fiscal Year 2011 budget proposal took center stage mid-week, according to Senator Tim Bivins.

Quinn’s budget proposal was regarded by many as less of a “plan,” and more of a “wish list.” Once again, Quinn is advancing a proposal that lacks significant spending cuts, and relies on tax increases and massive borrowing.

The Quinn Administration is touting $2.2 billion in budget cuts that Republicans say do not exist, and he’s purposely ignoring mandated spending increases tied to his plan, including $1.3 billion in education cuts he never intended to implement; $400 million MAP shell game; $300 million local government’s share of income tax; and $400 million in required spending for debt service on his pension and tobacco securitization bonds." />

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