Governor Pat Quinn’s budget for next year relies on spending billions more than expected state revenues—including more than a $1 billion increase in spending, borrowing billions more to make up the difference, and ignoring billions more in unpaid bills, according to Senator Tim Bivins.

Senate Democrat leaders jammed through House Bill 859 during the late evening hours of May 6, despite strong Republican opposition. Other related bills were passed May 7.

“It is disheartening to witness the lengths to which the Democrat leaders will go to keep us from knowing what is in the budget,” Senator Bivins said. “Two years ago, I was surprised when we had two hours’ notice to look at the budget bill. This year, it is even worse. We were handed a 2,300-page bill last night and asked to vote on it with less than an hour’s notice. We asked that the budget be given seven days of sunshine and they refused. A day later, I still can’t comment on specific budget items, because we still do not know exactly what is in the bill." />

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