Senator Tim Bivins says fiscal mismanagement in Illinois has hit a new low with the State Comptroller reporting July 7 that Illinois ended the fiscal year in “the worst fiscal position in its history” and the media reporting that the Governor has handed out pay raises to 35 staff members.

The 45th District Senator says with Illinois in such dire fiscal straits, the time has come for a forensic audit of the state budget.

“A forensic audit of state spending would help identify structural problems and waste in the budget,” Senator Bivins said. “It is a good starting point in a process that is long overdue—getting a grip on Illinois’ out-of-control spending.”

Democrat legislative leaders blocked two Republican proposals this spring calling for a forensic audit of state spending. The House rejected House Resolution 1057 March 25. A similar measure, Senate Resolution 763, has also not been allowed a public hearing or vote." />

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