Imagine waking up in the hospital with 85 staples in your head, no hair, no teeth, and no idea how you got there. The person who beat you was sent to prison, but was back out on the street just 18 days after he was sentenced.

Senator Tim Bivins says this nightmarish situation became reality for Jennifer Hall of Chicago when the Illinois Department of Corrections released her attacker as part of its accelerated Meritorious Good Time Program. She was attacked August 25, 2008, beaten so severely that she still suffered from seizures more than a year after the attack. Her accuser was sentenced in October 2009 to three years in prison. Eighteen days later, he was paroled.

And Senator Bivins said there may be more to the story surrounding the once-secret early release program for prison inmates in the Illinois corrections system. He thinks the MGT Push program may be tied to the state’s attempt to sell the Thomson Correctional Center in northwest Illinois to the federal government." />

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