The Illinois Senate was called back to Springfield November 4 to consider a contentious pension bonding measure, at an expense of tens of thousands of taxpayer dollars, but the bill was not heard on the Senate floor and no vote was taken, according to Senator Tim Bivins.

Just two days after the November 2 elections, Senate lawmakers traveled to Springfield with plans to vote on Senate Bill 3514. The measure required 3/5ths approval and would have allowed Governor Pat Quinn to sell up to $4.1 billion in general obligation bonds to finance the state’s Fiscal Year 2011 payment to the five state pension systems.

However, the measure was sent to the Senate Executive Committee where it failed to advance. Lacking the votes for passage, the Senate adjourned with no vote taken on Senate Bill 3514. Senate President John Cullerton said the pension bonding measure will likely be revisited during the Fall Veto Session, which begins November 16." />

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