As the 96th General Assembly winds to a close, Governor Pat Quinn and Democrat leaders are working behind closed doors to fashion a reported 75 percent increase in state income taxes. Republicans have not been asked for their input in these discussions and are generally opposed to any hike in income taxes.

On a more positive note, the General Assembly overwhelmingly approved a major Medicaid reform measure that Senator Tim Bivins said is a good step forward in restructuring Illinois’ health care program for low-income citizens and persons with disabilities. The Medicaid reform was the product of a bipartisan committee process and incorporated changes long advocated by GOP lawmakers.

Governor Quinn, Senate President John Cullerton of Chicago and House Speaker Michael Madigan of Chicago were keeping details of their planned 75 percent tax hike under wraps at the close of the week, but details that did emerge indicated income taxes could be increased from the current flat 3 percent to at least 5.25 percent." />

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