February 6 marks the centennial of the birth of Ronald Reagan, Illinois’ only native-born president.

Born in Tampico on February 6, 1911, Reagan spent his formative years in Illinois – growing up in Dixon and graduating from Eureka College before traveling west to explore a career in broadcasting and acting. He served as Governor of California (1967-1975) and President of the United States (1981-1989).

Senator Tim Bivins says Reagan was a clear and decisive voice for many of the priorities Republicans continue to fight for today: lower taxes, a smaller and more responsible government and individual freedom.

In addition to a new commemorative postage stamp, celebrations and events are being held around Illinois to honor the President remembered for his role in restoring American pride and winning victory over communism in the Cold War. More information about Reagan events is available at http://www.discoverdixon.org." />

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