In an attempt to set the stage for the Legislature’s fall veto session beginning in October, Governor Pat Quinn announced plans September 8 to close seven state facilities, including Mabley Developmental Center in Dixon, and lay off more than 1,900 state employees.

It’s clear that his announcement is focused more on seeking legislative authority to reallocate funds within the state budget than on actually following through with the threatened closings.

The problem, however, is that most of the money the Governor wants to shift around does not exist.

At the end of June, Governor Quinn “cut” $376 million from the state budget, before signing the budget into law. Now, he says he wants to use about $313 million of that cut to prevent the layoffs and closure of seven state facilities and also to hand out raises that he previously promised to union members. He also said he wants $183 million for unspecified purposes, to be revealed at a later date." />

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