A package of tax law changes designed to keep thousands of jobs in Illinois and provide relief for low-income workers is another step toward the changes needed in Springfield, according to Senator Tim Bivins.

The 45th District Senator said Republican lawmakers negotiated the tax law changes in good faith, but many have expressed frustration because they previously warned their Democrat colleagues that the 66% income tax increase approved in January 2011 would have a disastrous effect on Illinois’ jobs climate.

“It’s kind of remarkable to hear talk of ‘tax reform.’ Since I have been here, there has been Medicaid reform, workers’ comp reform, campaign finance reform, and now tax reform. But to me, what goes on in Springfield is a little bit like sticking your toes in the water and saying you went swimming,” Senator Bivins said. “It’s a little bit of reform – which makes it hard to vote against – but it does not go far enough. A repeal of the tax increase would have gone far enough for me.”" />

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