Following the passage December 13 of legislation targeting job creation and retention, many Illinois lawmakers are now calling for a more thorough review and possibly a rollback of state tax hikes that were passed just under a year ago.

The piecemeal approach that Governor Pat Quinn and his legislative allies have taken whenever a major employer threatens to leave the state needs to be replaced by a broader and more consistent approach that will encourage job growth and reduce costs for all Illinois employers.

It’s kind of remarkable to hear talk of “tax reform.” Since I have been in the Senate, there has been Medicaid reform, workers’ comp reform, campaign finance reform, and now tax reform. But to me, what goes on in Springfield is a little bit like sticking your toes in the water and saying you went swimming. It’s a little bit of reform – which makes it hard to vote against – but it does not go far enough. A repeal of the tax increase would have gone far enough for me." />

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