Governor Pat Quinn’s annual “State of the State” address February 1 will offer insight into his priorities for the upcoming legislative session, according to Senator Tim Bivins.

State budget forecasts recently released by the Quinn Administration and Comptroller Judy Baar Topinka underscore the importance of addressing Illinois’ multi-billion dollar deficit and burgeoning backlog of bills.

But while the state’s budget woes remains a top priority for lawmakers, media reports indicate the Governor will likely turn his attention to other important—and contentious—issues like public pensions, taxes, and the Medicaid system.

“The State of the State address sets the stage for the upcoming legislative session. We are told what the Governor thinks about the year just past and learn what he wants to do in the coming months,” Senator Bivins said. “It’s clear that Illinois’ finances will be the driving force behind what does and does not get accomplished this year, but the State of the State address will give us an idea about Governor Quinn’s priorities and goals and how they fit into the rather bleak fiscal reality.”

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