Senator Tim Bivins issued a statement about Governor Pat Quinn’s “State of the State” address, presented to a joint session of Illinois lawmakers February 1 in the chambers of the House of Representatives.

“The Governor mentioned some things that are positive, more car manufacturing jobs coming to our state. He said something about further Medicaid reform, which I think is really important,” Senator Bivins said. “Downsizing government is a positive thing. Talking about economic growth is a positive thing. He talked about tax credits and tax cuts, and I support that as a means to help stimulate the economy.
“But he only got half of the equation right. He talked about investment in Illinois. We are proud of our state, and want to invest in it, but the problem is that investment equals more spending. We cannot spend more when we owe $8 billion to vendors,” Senator Bivins said. “The Governor is coming around with talking about tax cuts and growing the economy, but he has got to realize he cannot keep spending more… that’s what got us in trouble in the first place.”

The 45th District Senator said he is willing to work with Governor Quinn and Democrat legislative leaders to right Illinois’ budget wrongs. In March 2011, Senate Republicans introduced a “Reality Check” budget proposal that outlines ways to reduce state spending, return the state to solvency, and roll back the 2011 tax hike.

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