More than $54.5 million has been allocated for road and bridge improvements in the 45th Senate District during Fiscal Year 2009, according to Senator Tim Bivins.

The 45th District Senator released details of 57 local projects included in Illinois’ $1.9 billion road plan for Fiscal Year 2009, which starts July 1, 2008. The six-year plan also includes an additional $193.8 million for local roads and bridges.

Fiscal Year 2009 projects for the 45th District include:

*   $2,125,000 for resurfacing 6.73 miles of US 52/Illinois 64, from Benton Street east of Mt. Carroll to Benson Road.
*   $555,000 for resurfacing and cold milling 1.16 miles of Illinois 40, from Stover Avenue to Adams Street in Milledgeville.
*   $130,000 for preliminary engineering costs for a project on Illinois 40, at Otter Creek 1.3 miles west of Milledgeville.

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